distressed: MEMORIES


distressed: MEMORIES is my personal labor to document my internal world, i.e. to investigate those things that I know, I have seen but that do not really exist. Many of the photographs are from my dreams. These potentials for creation are actualized when they enter consciousness as images. Photography allows them to graduate from my fantasy & enter the “real world”. They may even cross over & reveal shared visions: mythology, fairy tales, rituals, universal Jungian archetypes.


Cloaked in the accoutrement of an era long past, distressed: MEMORIES is also about how time is as much an illusion as dreams. In Newtonian physics, time only moves in one direction. In the mind, time can fluctuate back & forth. These photographs are document and proof. They challenge our concept of history by combining two realities: antique authority & futuristic novelty. Society draws from the myths of yesteryear that can be compared to new ones that inform popular culture. The ambiguity is primal.